Friday, July 30, 2010

VeloRiders UK says, "No Soup for You!"

In 2004, one of Vino's current teammates and I fought each other to a draw, Costa Rica Combat-style, just past the finish line of an intermediate stage of the Tour of Chile. After being thrown in jail and kicked out of the race, we both agreed we'd let our frustration with the race boil-over into an inappropriate, personal conflict with severe consequences. Lesson-learned, and I doubt either of us will ever forget the incident.

So, while it's entirely possible that I misbehaved myself or, like esteemed-champion-turned-back-stabbing-villain Alberto Contador (for his treasonous abandonment of VINO's Astana squad) violated some unwritten rule of decorum, I was nevertheless still surprised to find myself banned by the UK cycling forum VeloRiders, and my account deleted. Honestly, I can't recall even a single time I'd even posted there.

When I tried to re-register, my email address was accepted, but then, without warning, like some Nazi Grammar agent refusing entry to the cinema by those who spoke in dialect, the site halted my registration because I apparently used a "Forbidden Word."

It's one thing to talk about me. It's another thing to do it behind my back and then lock the door on me! lol

(And contrary to one theory posited on Twitter, I've definitely been banned - it wasn't a question of not being allowed to register initially because of some mistaken identity or flawed threat-assessment. I definitely had an account there previously, but it was deleted, and my re-registration was blocked.)

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