Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Debate Prep

It's with definite pride that I claim to be an accomplished author who has had works published in exchange for money (paid to me, not the other way around!), and a very effective persuader who was often encouraged to be a litigator based on the (erroneous?) assumption that someone who can argue a point relentlessly and securely, from an unassailable position, would make a good trial lawyer. I'm not entirely convinced of the second point, but it's immaterial as I neither want to be a lawyer nor would I ever be admitted to the bar.

But enough about me - let's talk about me. Just kidding. Seriously, for as good of a persuader I am, and as adept as I am with both the written and spoken word, it's all natural talent - no learned behavior. Sure, I have a skill set that was enhanced with academic and practical training, but my talent for writing and persuading (as modest as it is) seems innate.

Thus, I have a lack of schooling on the topics of logic and debate, and a question for you, my more sophisticated readers: what is the term or phrase to describe a fallacious argument made by someone who rejects a request or proposal by postulating that it will lead to an immprobable - no, an impossible - outcome? For example, let's say that I requested of my employer that I be allowed to work from home one day per week, but in denying my request, the firm postulated that if they gave me 9 hours of flex-time per week, it would be a short throw from my working at home, to my running a brothel out of my home. And therefore they couldn't grant my request. Even though there was no prostitution in my plans, and the only mention of a house of ill repute originated in their twisted minds.

Please, if you can advise, I'm all ears.


  1. It seems to be along the lines of reductio ad adsurdum. Although not spot on.

    Are you still laying odds whether The Shack will make it to the Champs Elysees?


  2. Anon, thanks for the feedback - and thanks as well to the guys who shared their thoughts via Twitter.

    Now that RS has started the Tour, I think the odds of their being thrown out are low. However, I will lay odds that the team does not continue into 2011...


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