Friday, July 02, 2010

Books, Angry Motorists, Greg and Lance

Though it gets harder and harder to pedal for more than a couple of hours because of the chronic pain I have in my left knee, which stems from a terrible crash in 2003 that left me in hospital for nearly a month, I enjoy riding my bike - a lot. Maybe my perception of how pleasurable it is to ride is somewhat distorted by how not fun most of my day is, but hey, it is what it is. And what it is is therapeutic. If you're a cyclist and you find yourself feeling dumpy or depressed or even angry for no good reason, perhaps trying going for a ride with no goal other than to cruise along and enjoy yourself. Note: "intervals," "wattage," and "tempo" are not part of my current biking lexicon.

To the commentator who suggested that I collaborate with Landis, Millar and Hamilton on a book - sounds great. Except for the fact that I don't know that David Millar would be willing to add anything that isn't already in the public record, and Tyler obviously isn't going to admit to anything. So I'm not sure there's much to work with there. Obviously Floyd could write an entire book on his own (I don't believe he has any desire to do so, however), but the suggestion was for a collaborative effort...

Why are most motorists so angry? Or is it just a Pittsburgh thing? Today's weather is beautiful - mid-70's and crystal-blue skies - and yet I've never been told to "Get the Fuck Off the Road!" by so many fat, angry, disgusting drivers as I was today. And should the test required of all driver's license applicants include some kind of IQ measure? Because should someone operate a motor vehicle if one minute they're threatening to run you off the road, but then in the next, after you've stopped them cold with the thoroughly perplexing insult, "Did you learn how to drive in Italy?" they chastise you for not wearing a helmet because you "could get hurt"?

I mean, didn't you just threaten to run me down with your rusty minivan? Why don't you just sit on me?

Today LeMond predicted that Armstrong will decline to start the Tour or will abandon before the race arrives on French soil. Mad respect to Greg, but in this case I think he's wrong. Lance isn't smart enough to know when his goose is cooked, and his ego will be writing checks that his legal team can't cash. I predict that RS quits the Tour en masse to protest heavy-handed treatment by French law enforcement, and many in the peloton will be happy to see them go.

That's all for now. I've got to get to bed early so I can be first in line at Border's when the WSJ goes on-sale.

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