Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Quick Reactions to Stage 3

In no particular order...

Vino should be awarded honorary Spanish citizenship for the work he did to keep Contador in the race - including trying to get to the finish line as quickly as possible after his leader punctured, hoping that Contador would be awarded the same time as a result of suffering a mechanical failure within the final 3km (I'm not sure if this was what happened though - anyone?).

Poor Chavanele...24 hours do make a sentimental favorite, and I'd have liked to see him in yellow for a few more days. What a shame that he had such bad mechanical luck.

Schleck, F - you knew one of the two would be eliminated today, after Andy's comments before the start when he said pavé had no place in the Tour.

However, when the peloton's hardest man takes the race organizers out back to the woodshed for a lashing like the following, one MUST ask if the stage presented unmanageable risk...

"You can't imagine how angry and how pissed off I am over this daft decision to include this stage in the Tour. It may well be that we have Fabian back in the yellow jersey and Andy at the top end of the classification, but we would swap it all to have a healthy Frank back." - Jens Voight 

Cadel was brilliant.

The Canadian was brilliant.

Matti Breschel looks like a movie villain.

Lance should have opted for traditional Paris-Roubaix box rims and not carbon aero hoops - maybe he would have avoided that mechanical.

Thor: SMASH!

Women are nuts (snuck that one in, eh?).

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