Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thanks for the Follow, Lance Armstrong

A picture is worth a thousand words, I believe they say...

Have you always wanted to have something in common with Lance Armstrong other than a love of cycling and money, or a predilection for shameless doping? If so, check me out on Twitter - but if you decide to follow, don't be like Lance and wuss-out a few hours later.

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  1. For the vocal congregation of the Church of Lance, don't you think he has defrauded the public of much more money than Floyd?

    Take your time do the reading & research, the story around Lance is long, & complex. It has little to do with passed drug tests.
    Much like modern media, where every story is distilled into a 5 second sound bite, scrutiny is dismissed on a tiny piece of the puzzle. A more encompassing view needs to be taken.

    Lance the athlete has taken the sport the wrong directing. To endorse his achievements by proclaiming him at worst the best of the cheaters is a disservice. As the top cyclist of his time, he created an environment which other athletes where also forced to cheat.

    Just as the sport was picking itself of the floor from the Festina scandal, when there may have been opportunity to cleanse itself, Armstrong (& his team) plied their trade into the structure of the sport...masked by the miracle of his recovery... a story that belied scrutiny.

    We need to go back and identify the cheats, not to turn a blind eye...nor shield them by the time worn excuse of "it was in the past...we must look forward"

    The shield protecting him is powerful (Cancer)... To question him or his achievements is to be branded a heretic.

    Followers are blinded & largely gullible to the spin spoon fed to them.
    Stand back and take in the whole picture. This is a flawed, but ambitious man ... His path (doping) was in place long before cancer...

    So many people (need to) have a irrational belief in miracles.
    Lance is a product of a natural desire to live & modern medical technology...

    His cycling achievements are a result of the desire to win at all cost...enhanced by modern medical technology
    Cheating was an acceptable route if it provided the result.

    Somehow the two stories have become blended...for profit & legacy.

    His myth needs to be exposed along with his clergy (Bruyneel, Stapleton, et al) ...

    I think it's time to unweave the myth


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