Sunday, July 11, 2010

Papp is the Smith of Hungary

Unfortunately, not a relation...though we'd love to do an interview with Eniko Papp for Pappillon.

Tour Feminin - O cenu Ceskeho Svycarska, CZE, 2.2

July 8, Stage 1: Krásná Lipá 116.1km

150 Judith Bloem (Ned) Leiter von Jan Van Arkel 0:23:39
151 Lucie Záleská (Cze) Dukla Praha 0:24:17
152 Katarina Hranaiová (Cze) Czech Republic 0:28:30
153 Susanne As (Ned) Dura Vermerr Ladies Tea 0:29:05
154 Eniko Papp (Hun) Hungary 0:29:07
155 Lada Kozlíková (Cze) Dukla Praha
156 Jovana Krtinic (Srb) Team Mix Serbia 0:37:08
157 Annika Heijnen (Ned) Sram-Wv Eemland 0:37:53
158 Joanna Hickey (Irl) Ireland 0:38:05
159 Marija Kuzeljevic (Srb) Team Mix Serbia 0:38:25
160 Daphne Kleef (Ned) Restore Cycling Ladies 0:39:34

Full Results...

Eniko apparently did well at the national championships, too.

H/T Simon Wicks - thanks!

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