Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recommended Reading

Our apologies for not posting this sooner, but at least you'll be able to root through the archives after the Tour concludes, and relive your favorite moments. One of the best daily blogs to follow and analyze the race is Blazin' Saddles, which appears via Yahoo! Eurosport. Pappillon strongly recommends it. Excerpt:

"Stage 17 prediction: After the rest day both Contador and Schleck are going to be caught napping as they continue their discussion on the pros and cons of Tour protocols. Menchov will show the world just why he's called 'The Silent Assassin' by knifing them both in the back before powering up the Tourmalet. Despite falling twice on the ascent, the Russian will ghost into the yellow jersey, with Sanchez moving into second. Fabian Cancellara will complain via a video on YouTube. Andy will get very angry once again, but then forget all about it and hug Alberto."

In Saddles' own words:

"Ever since he was bullied by his brothers into watching the Tour de France as an eight-year-old, Blazin' Saddles has been a cycling fanatic. As persistent as Voigt, as fast as Abdoujaparov, as voracious as Ullrich and as accurate as a Festina watch, Blazin' Saddles offers a lighter take on the oft-grave world of professional cycling. The self-styled best cycling-blog pedlar in the business, BS refutes sullied claims of doping levelled by his rivals: these nuggets are powered on Gerolsteiner fizzy water alone. Just ask BS's friend Bernhard Kohl for a reference."

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