Friday, March 19, 2010

Tony Kornheiser is Only Sorry that he got Busted Calling for the Slaughter of Road Cyclists

I'm not even a Lance fan but I'll jump on his bandwagon and post the "lost" audio clip of Tony Kornheiser calling for the intentional crashing of cyclists by motorists (note: the March 11 audio clip was removed from ESPN980's archive, but it lives on thanks to YouTube).

From the Washington Post: Lance Armstrong doesn't appreciate Tony Kornheiser's remarks about cyclists.

"Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot."

-- "Lance Armstrong, starting a Twitter crusade against our former colleague Tony Kornheiser over the cantankerous radio guy's rant about cyclists taking up too much space on the road and urging his fellow motorists to give them a nudge. ("I'm not saying you kill them. I'm saying you tap them.") They made peace later Thursday, according to another Lance tweet, with an agreement to hash it out on Tony's ESPN980 show Friday."

Here's to hoping that peace only occurs when Kornheiser apologizes to every cyclist whose life he encouraged other motorists to put in jeopardy, and is then forced to ride a road bike for at least 30 miles as any road cyclist who so desires "taps" him with their car. I'm not saying you kill him. I'm just saying you give him a little love tap. To quote Lance, "Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot."

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