Sunday, March 07, 2010

Endura Racing

That review of Scientology leave you feeling icky? Well, it's back to bikes, with this VeloResults UK interview by the estimable Ed Hood, speaking with Jim McFarlane about the Endura cycling team. Hood leads with his usual intro - complex, funny, inside...definitely not VeloNews:

"Goodie bag!" I'm not used to "freebies"; by the time Dave or Martin and I stumble into the press room at races, all the goodies have gone - but we have the best suntans.

However, when Jim McFarlane mentioned "goodie bag" I was out to Livingston like a ferret.

It seemed like a shame to waste a trip to Endura and not interview the main man. The timing was perfect, Jim was just back from seeing his boys in action at Haut Var.

EH: Was the pro team your decision, Jim?
JM: "It was a joint decision between the directors, Kevin Haig, Pamela Haig and myself."

EH: For the cost of a team, you could have done a lot of glossy advertising.
JM: "In the UK we're market leaders in the mountain bike clothing field. But to be competitive against the high end road clothing manufacturers we need a platform, a show case for our new Equipe range which is launched at the end of March. We need to show that our road clothing is credible - and of course, there's the product development aspect."  Continued...

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