Tuesday, March 09, 2010

UPDATED: The pot calling the kettle black...Ball, Landis, Pevenage, oh my!

From the recent Neil Browne interview with Michael Ball comes this gem:

VN: What about Freddy Rodriguez and Floyd Landis?

Ball: Let me tell you something about Floyd. I like the guy, but his idea of business dealings were not a lot to be desired. It didn't work out in the end because I couldn't take his word, so it ended. I'm fine with that. It didn't end in a bad way, but didn't end in a good way.

Of course, further down the same continuum you have Rudy Pevenage, former coach to Jan "Hijo de Rudicio" Ullrich, complaining about not being paid several months' salary by Ball's Rock, moaning, "There were huge promises, but they were never fulfilled."

Ahhh, cycling. Where we all seem to deserve each other.

UPDATED: Later during the interview (not in part 2), Ball shows that he plays no favorites with his American riders, saying basically that Fred Rodriguez, who - to the best of my knowledge - never courted scandal or a bad image in the press, was such a douche-bag that no one on the team wanted to race with him.

VN: What about Fred Rodriguez? He has been with you since the beginning.

Ball: "I have to be honest with you, no one wanted to race with Freddy. The other riders did not want to race with him. He is a great guy, great athlete, but very difficult. What am I supposed to do when they [riders] are saying they do not want to race with him? You have to have the team dynamics. It's unfortunate, he is a great athlete and great guy, but I can't pay him for nothing..."

I personally always thought it was a shame that Fast Freddy had to return from the Continent, where he raced alongside some of the greatest names in cycling and three times wore the jersey of US Pro Champion, to finish his career in obscurity. It's not an end befitting such a champion and I'd like to see Ed Hood or Lucho interview Rodriguez so that we can learn what the real story is. UPDATED: It would also be nice to see Floyd Landis demonstrate to everyone that his word is his honor. I know from personal experience that it's not easy, but it's liberating - the truth will truly set you free.


  1. Doesn't he also say no one liked racing with Fast Freddy in that interview?

  2. Indeed he does. See updated post...

  3. Joe, I find the statement "...pot calling the kettle black..." overtly racist. I prefer "...the twink calling the fag a homo..."


  4. As a Twinkie myself, I find your comments anti-processed snack food, Burt. Go make love to the ass of a bull, you monkey-fucker.

  5. One of my friends had a contract for Rock last year and not only did they fuck him and not race him at all, they still owe him back pay. Oh, he also confirmed that Freddy was, and is, a tremendous douche Lord. And this has nothing to do with cycling, but Mikey Ball settled out of court with a woman last year (former employee of the Rock and Republic company) who accused him of sexually assaulting her...from what I hear.

  6. Dirty, thanks for the comment. Pappillon just wants to clarify that Dirty's comment, while very interesting, great reading and in-line with what many others have said off the record, is not something we consider to be statement of fact, nor do we endorse it as such.

    Hey, anyone have the URL to the pseudo video of FR moaning to the neutral support mechanic about a wheel change, in-race? I'll look again but I couldn't find it. It's one of those "enter the dialogue, and our CGG animations will act it out for you" vids...

  7. Little Birdy Told Me10 March, 2010 15:01

    Usually when a rip off scammer like Ball says someone is a prick, it means that someone demanded their money and knew hey were entitled to it and didn't back down from bringing legal heat.

  8. im not a douche detector and i dont play one on tv but i was able to talk to FF while rock racing was in arlington va for the clarendon cup and man that dude was cool. gave me free swag, let me peek on the bus, told me all about his "insanely sweet derosa" his words. took time to explain some tips on setting up a good position on the bike and in general was just a cool dude. then i saw him again at the ING direct race in DC and he totally remembered me actually waved to me while he passed by me and a group of friends which made me look cool as hell then he stopped later and autographed a bunch of stuff for my friends. total professional with a long history of coolness and some pretty righteous results racing wise. something you cant say about Mr. Ball.

  9. I met Fast Freddy at the NYC criterium (sponsored by BMC) one year...when Lance rode it, I believe...anyone remember when that was? Rodriguez DNF'ed I think b/c of a mechanical. Very nice guy to this fan. Not sure how he is behind closed doors but certainly didn't come across as being a douche.


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