Friday, March 05, 2010

Quote - The abyss of endless time

"Or is it your reputation that's bothering you? But look at how soon we're all forgotten. The abyss of endless time that swallows it all. The emptiness of those applauding hands. The people who praise us; how capricious they are, how arbitrary. And the tiny region it takes place. The whole earth a point in space - and most of it uninhabited." (iv.3) - Marcus Aurelius


  1. Do you feel better?05 March, 2010 09:17

    Didn't you say as well, "You know you're in for a rough one when you pull an all-nighter but don't accomplish jack, try again in the morning but just as quickly are knocked off-kilter and left to fumble for quotes by known Stoics. At 7:20AM."

    Too sad a picture, Mr. Pappillon. Be thankful you had those stoic quotes at hand? You feel better?

  2. "The point is, not how long you live, but how nobly you live." - FAIL

    "That which Fortune has not given, she cannot take away." - PASS

    "Let Nature deal with matter, which is her own, as she pleases; let us be cheerful and brave in the face of everything, reflecting that it is nothing of our own that perishes." - PASS

    "Virtue is nothing else than right reason." - FAIL

    "We do not remember days...we remember moments." - PASS



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