Friday, March 26, 2010

So I was thinking of trying out the HTC HD2...

Based on a recommendation made to me by a loyal Pappillon reader earlier this year, I'd been thinking about trying the HTC HD2. Today, I received a text from a friend who manages a T-Mobile retail store, advising that the phones were finally in and he could hold one HD2 for me until Saturday. I'm impulsive and often push common sense aside when making decisions (see Feb. 2010 revelations...), but this time I  wanted to refresh my memory with some research and make an informed buying decision. So I hopped online, but - owing to post-concussion syndrome and general flittiness - decided to make a quick post here before I got stuck-in on the question of dropping mad loot on a Windows Mobile-equipped "smart-phone" (their words). After putting together a post concerning one of the most amazing crash photo sequences I've ever seen, this was the first ad that was served up to ME on my OWN BLOG:

Something similar happened previously with a Competitive Cyclist ad and a pair of Oakley's [Editor: And a priest and a nun? Just asking...] (see below), but this is different enough that I don't know if I should interpret it as a sign of impending consumer folly or a not-so-subtle nudge pushing me to spend my hard-won shekels (sheqel, Hebrew: שקל‎, pl. shekels, sheqels, sheqalim, Hebrew: שקלים‎) on a phone that one reviewer describes as (paraphrasing) the sexiest, most beautiful tragedy of a smartphone ever. Thoughts? (Besides that this post is much ado about nothing...)

  HTC HD2 - it's pretty freakin' hot for a phone

 The Competitive Cyclist ad - Hey I'm a Believer

If you made it to the bottom of the post, I just wanted to apologize for sucking you in on what was the blog post equivalent of the movie "Pearl Harbor" - a vapid entry that struggles to hang meat onto Pappillon's bones on a day without confirmed news of a major doping scandal (on the other hand, I've supposedly got at least 180 potential doping scandals brewing here, but, according to some, am the bastard of bastards for not posting what would basically be the raw material for my book (amongst other things, depending on who's counting) and starting to name names - pfft! Let's hope that the UCI kicks Swiss Federation ass and succeeds in completing their persecution of the hapless Jan Ullrich, who more and more to me seems like an East German version of the Michelin Man crossed with the Pillsbury Dough Boy - just leave him alone already...

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