Friday, March 26, 2010

Competitive Cyclist

It's been several years since I was first "wowed!" by the online and print advertisements for Competitive Cyclist, but I've finally had cause to do business with them. And I'm happy to report that the experience was wholly positive. I've often wondered who it was who wrote their two blog entries in which my name appears, because I would have loved to have chatted with him (or her?), but perhaps it was better going through the transaction anonymously - it gave me a true taste of the Competitive Cyclist (road) customer experience. If for some reason your needs can't be met by your local bike shop and you're thinking about making an online purchase (especially if you're considering a high-end road bike like a Pinarello, and you are determined not to buy it from a brick-and-mortar bike store) I recommend giving C.C. a whirl. If you call them for road stuff, be sure to ask for Andy. [Disclaimer: Ads for Competitive Cyclist have appeared on this website, though they were placed by Google without any feedback from me. Example below.] But before you call, how about a glance at a Pinarello Prince, in 2008 livery:

 (c) Competitive Cyclist

And below are examples of the ads that have appeared on Pappillon.

I know, I's been a lean week for blogging. The good news is that an interview with Jesus Manzano is in the planning stages, and Pappillon contributor Duane Corbett reports that his interview with Michael Kalinski may be ready for publication by next week. We eagerly await it. Enjoy your weekend!
Last image: the actual CC website - rejoice!

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