Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pez Fumbles Again - are they Journalists or Commentators?

Once again it looks like Pez Cycling News is confused by the difference between news reporting and op-ed writing. In today’s “Euro Trash Thursday,” Matt Conn can’t resist taking a swipe at Alexander Vinokourov, offering what he must imagine is a clever bit of wit regarding Vino’s return to sport after having served a two-year ban for doping. While Mr. Conn might think that Vino should be banned from cycling “4 Ever,” his opinion can’t substitute for the fact that, after serving a two-year penalty, Vinokourov is free to return to competitive cycling, should he find a team willing to employ him.

Actually Mr. Conn, as long as he isn’t caught doping again, what Vino can do “4 Ever” is keep racing. Perhaps at some point Pez will realize that op-ed is handled on one side of the shop, and proper journalism on the other. And that when the two are so carelessly mixed, it’s the credibility of the media outlet – and not the subject of the article – who ultimately suffers.

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  1. Very true. Hate him or not, Vino did his time and is allowed to race again. People need to accept that there is no lifetime ban for first doping offence right now, so someone like Vino - who broke the rules but then played by them during his suspension - now gets to return to cycling.


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