Monday, August 31, 2009

Alexander Vinokourov - VINO4-EVER!

Alexander Nikolaevich Vinokourov, also written Alexandre Vinokourov, (Russian: Алексaндр Николаевич Винокуров, born September 16, 1973 in Petropavlovsk, Soviet Union, now Petropavl, Kazakhstan) is a Kazakhstani professional road bicycle racer. He is often referred to as "Vino" and is an all-rounder. Vinokourov was banned for a year for blood doping following during the 2007 Tour de France and subsequently retired. In September 2008 he announced his intention to return to cycling in 2009. As of August 2009, Vinokourov is riding on the professional level again, rejoining Astana. Heeeeeee's Back! An exciting style, much like DiLuca's, though I wish Vino and Uli could have taken-out King Lance at least once during his reign. I'll be interested to follow his come back, but I won't limit myself just to VeloNews or Rather, I'll go first to YouTube to see Vino in motion, then CNN for my outdated dose of Vino in print, and then to, which is not promising to bring anything other than all Vino, and atill more Vino, all the time.

I'm not sure how I feel about VINO on a Trek, however. Thoughts, anyone? Graham Watson provides an image you can ruminate on:

But what's to think about, really? It's Vino-Time!

Lastly, Chuck Norris has quotes - so shouldn't VINO? Guess what? VINO DOES! Or at least he's featured in other riders' quotes.

[NOTE: I don't support doping. Vino was convicted of doping, maintains his innocence but served a ban and now is back in pro cycling. I hope he is riding as clean now as he says he was then.]

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