Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bike Pure

Recently I was contacted by BikePure to offer my feedback on efforts they are contemplating to "change all of cyclesport for the better." I was intrigued, to say the least, and offered my honest thoughts and opinions, and I wish BP success in their mission. I wear the blue BP wristband when it doesn't clash with my kit, and intend to install the BP headset spacer if I am able to build-up a new carbon bike. There is not much commentary for me to offer, and the point of this post is more to make you aware of the organization and the debate it inspires. I'll post some basic info below, but recommend you give thought and contemplation to their efforts. You may agree, you may not...but at least you'll have taken the time to think about the issue.

"Bike Pure is an independent, non profit organisation, committed to redirecting trust to Professional cycle sport. Bike Pure is an umbrella group for all concerned parties in cyclesport. A medium to let the fans, riders, teams and cycle trade join together in a united stance for an new era of clean cycling." - BikePure website

Visit BikePure first, and then take a look at what is being discussed at here. Excellent article in the press covering BikePure is here.

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