Monday, August 16, 2010

Stefan Schumacher Sets the Terms of Debate

"I know I've made mistakes and that trust in me is now exhausted," he added. "I have nothing to add other than the two years [suspension] were the worst of my life; it’s now about looking forward."

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  1. So do you think it's ok for S2 to say that he's not going to admit to his mistakes and isn't interested in talking about the past? Shouldn't the media and the public crucify him, and hold him to an unreasonable standard of morality - perhaps that of the Catholic (male) clergy?

  2. Refreshing to see Schumacher tell the press to pre-emptively fuck off. And that he's not interested in kow-towing to a bunch of internet forum tools who think that fucking bike racers are supposed to display the same level of morality as Catholic priests in Ireland.


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