Monday, August 02, 2010

Barredo vs. Costa

As I mentioned previously in response to The Fixed Factor's excellent blog post, "A Fine Bromance," homoerotic face-patting has no place in the Tour de France, let alone between the Yellow and White Jerseys. I'm an AC fan (tho much less so after he flicked VINO), but the love-in with Schleck should have earned them both a fine! And in retrospect, Renshaw vs. Dean and Barredo vs. Costa (see below) should have earned those riders BONUSES for the displays of fighting spirit.


  1. This is all fine and good, but what about Schumacher vs. Barrichello? (For the uninitiated, see

    The argument of what could have happened as a result of Michael Schumacher's beautiful defensive maneuver against Rubens Barrichello during the Hungarian Grand Prix is a total nonsense brought by haters!

    ANYTHING could have happened, as soon as you sit in a race car or even a road car you are putting yourself in danger. Duh.

    So it is only with this sensible view you have to look at what DID happen, and what happened was that Schumi The Great tried valiantly to defend his position using all his skill and tenacity, whilst the evil slimely Brasilian Barrichello tried to take the place using all his experience (at being a conniver) and determination (to take things that don't belong to him).

    It was a hard defence but in my opinion this is exactly what a racing driver should be doing, and its the only way to get through to a thug like the Brasilian.

    Barrichello could have braked but he didn't - he kept his foot planted on the gas pedal, which is absolutely what a racing driver should be doing (unless of course you're Felipe Massa at Hockenheim). The second you do not defend your position for all you are worth, you cease to be an F1 racer and instead become the equivalent of an HRT driver.

    Equally, the second you do not try to pass for all you are worth you are no longer a racing driver - you are Felipe Massa at Hockenheim.

    The only problem stems from the fact that certain drivers and pundits fake their moral outrage and rant about violating some unwritten (aka invisible) code of ethics - which is completely subjective, biased and based on past grievances and one's own fantastic imagination regarding what they would do in similar circumstances.

    I have little doubt than most drivers would not have defended 10th place so firmly, but Michael Schumacher did not become World Champion seven times while finishing first in some 91 grand prix by being the darling of the critics. No, he won them by being the best - by being a ruthless muthafcuker on the track. He neither asked for nor gave any quarter, so if you don't like it, don't look - psusies!

    The only other driver in history who I can think of who was like this was Senna v1 (not his nephew) and as far as this fan is concerned, Senna is what a racing driver should be like - and the current crop of glorified taxi drivers are much less of men for not being more so.

    Why did they penalize Schumacher? They should have promoted him, for the sake of Allah! F1 is too boring now. Shit. Niggaplease.

  2. I know I perhaps spend to much time thinking about this sort of stuff, but I wonder who would be the best fighter in the peleton UFC stylee.

    You would have to think Thor could go a bit and I would certainly put my money on him v Cancellara, but I wonder if there are any known tough me in the bunch.

    Actually the whole Barredo situation made me think if possible match ups for novelty value. I thought Evans v Sastre would be an interesting fight. O'Grady v McEwan has a sort of Roberto Duran Suger Ray Leonard feel and would surely see the rule book go out the window.

    Surely there could be a whole series involving pouting Italians where they dont actually fight but incite the crowd with taunts to their opponent. Gilberto Simoni would be tough to beat in this event.


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