Monday, August 16, 2010


Unbelievable that the shooter thought he was in-the-right to kill a dog that was seemingly behaving normally, in an OFF-LEASH DOG PARK.

Prosecutors: Inquiry into dog park shooting may take another week - By Andrea F. Siegel, The Baltimore Sun

"As a group of 20 people demonstrated Monday outside the Anne Arundel County courthouse in Annapolis supporting of the owners of a dog fatally shot Aug. 2 in a Severn park, county prosecutors said it may take another week or more for them to finish their investigation and decide whether to charge the shooter..."


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  1. This was a PUBLIC OFF-LEASHE PARK. The shooters dog, being leashed, in perfect dog behavior, became aggressive and started the fight. The hard the ignorant and scared owner pulled on the leash, the more arrogant and vicious his dog became.

    Had the FEDERAL OFFICER dropped the leash in the off-leash park, the “fight” would have ended and the dogs would have been cool.

    The real point here is:
    1) Owner ignorance
    2) Choosing a breed to protect an obviously scared owner
    3) Ignorant owners need to take dog training classes to learn about how their behavior affects their animals.
    4) The FED could have gotten away from the situation with his wife by exiting the pen. HE AND HIS WIFE would be safe, and only the dogs at risk. Pulling his gun, shooting the OTHER dog, and possibly provoking a GUN BATTLE in a public park was insane.
    5) The FED has pro reasoning skills, is generally scared of his environment, chose a dog and a conceal carry as protection, and believes his property is worth more than Joe Citizens. Guaranteed this guy has shot other HUMANS, pulls his weapon 10X more than his co-workers, drives a Hummer, is violent towards his wife, was bullied as a child, and has a very small penis.


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