Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Armstrong, Papp, McQuaid, Levi, others in As the Toto Turns (includes special beat-down to Michael Ball)

Notoriety is not the same as fame, but neither is it infamy. With that in mind, Pappillon has no qualms reporting that our own Joe Papp finally appears in the world-renown satirical cycling editorial cartoon, "As the Toto Turns," for his cryptic and, at times, confusing, role in the fight for clean sport.

Papp is referenced this week in the strip "UCI Tip Line," where, in the final frame, UCI President Pat McQuaid (an Irish compatriot of Papp's) takes a phone call from an obviously-conflicted Levi Leipheimer:

"UCI tip line. If you see something, say something. Press 1 to pledge a donation. Press 2 if you're Joe Papp. Hang up if you're Michael Ball."

Pappillon has enjoyed Toto since the beginning (see here and here for previous posts, including the famous "Yellow Jersey Gap"), and despite the unfortunate news release that that brought Papp into the strip, we appreciate the chance to laugh and smile and look forward to future Toto appearances.

To see "UCI Tip Line" frame-by-frame, and peruse the entire Toto archive, visit

Meanwhile, we couldn't resist reprinting our favorite Toto:

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