Monday, February 01, 2010

What is a Best Friend? For some it's a Cat. This one is named 'Francis Bacon.'

A cat should be a friend as much as he is a pet - if not more so! One that will never judge you, and will love you forever no matter what.

“He’s an exceptionally healthy cat for his weight!” the veterinarian exclaimed. Weighing just over twenty pounds, this frisky orange striped fur-ball knows exactly when his dinnertime is. His diet consists of a few massive gulps of fresh water, one or two cans of his favorite grilled tuna, a heaping helping of dry cat food, and the occasional treat for dessert. After he annihilates his rations, he plops down to clean every nook and cranny that he can reach on his mammoth self.

'Francis Bacon,' as we call him, loves to get 18 hours of sleep per day.The cold, hard kitchen table, the hot floor vents and nearly everywhere in between are his favorite places to nap. And yet anytime of the day, FB can always go for a good petting. As he rolls over, you catch a glimpse of the fiery orange cummerbund in a sea of soft pearl white fur that is his underbelly - and with his matching white paws and shimmering emerald eyes, you think this magnificent creature is as beautiful as the most brilliant sunset.

Francis Bacon has always been there for me. Not a day has gone by that he wasn’t waiting at the door to greet me. Even though he is a very spoiled house pet, Francis Bacon will always be my best friend."
--Author's name withheld