Sunday, May 11, 2008


1. I'm not dead yet, despite what Mike Dropkin wishes (quote from an email received from Mike on 5/8/08: "Joe Papp is a evil, scheming, piece of sh*t. I hope to f*ck he kills himself. I encourage him strongly to do so.").

2. The Outside Magazine article was published in the June issue, which has yet to hit newsstands, though it was delivered to subscribers this past week. I haven't seen the article yet, though I suspect that it could misrepresent the reality of my situation, given what I consider to be the devious behavior of the freelancer who wrote the piece took.

3. Stupid comments that are laced with profanity and generally foul won't be published as part of the post they were directed towards. Rather, someone will cut and paste them into the Madhouse.

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