Friday, May 16, 2008

Follow the money trail.....

Well, after the infamous Philip the Sixth scandal in Washington DC, where the former protégé of the hyphenated elite was caught with money coming out of his pockets, we now have a new one; the Cuban American National Foundation is calling for an investigation on where the hell is the money destined to support the Cuban dissidents in their fight.
(See articles Official Policy, May 8 2008 and Sticky fingers, March 29, 2008, or read this whole blog)

According to CANF, 83% of that money has been spent in Miami, not in Cuba.
The questions, to put it in a blunt manner, are:

1- Where's the money?
2- Who took it?
3- In where was that money spent?
4- Why didn't it make it to the dissidents?
5- Is somebody going to be punished for this?

Of course, that money appears to have diluted in thin air, vanished in front of the sight of everybody.
There's only one industry that rivals the industry of Anti Castroism, the industry of Castroism itself, and both are the product of the wheeling and dealings of members of the same family.

Isn't this time that we stop, catch, and never release those who have been stealing from the cause of a free Cuba, and therefore sabotaging it to keep castro afloat and their cottage industry alive and afloat?

Is this the right time to denounce all of those profiteering gangsters who are pocketing the help that should go to the Cuban dissidents?

Well, many people complain about the lack of effectiveness of the Cuban dissidents, they accuse them of not revolting and of not being willing to die under the treads of Raul's tanks. They accuse Cubans for willing to go back to Cuba and see -and help!- their families, and for sending them cash. They have no qualms, or have not pointed their tireless accusative finger to the ones who are stealing from the Cuban freedom fighters. C'mon, recognize it. We are sandwiched and stonewalled between tyranny and corruption, and still, the self appointed police of thought -yes, this side we have it too- cringes every time we mention this.

The "freedom for Cuba" motto is just the fake motto inscribed on these robbers jolly roger. They do not want the freedom of Cuba, this is very clear, it would just do away with their generous -and illegal- source of cash.

Will the government unleash the FBI and the IRS after the culprits? Will the government ever find the culprits?

Think about all the political prisoners (one never becomes and ex-political prisoner) who lived destitute and died in poverty in anonymous nursing homes. Think of all the dignified men abandoned to their -lethal- fate, and think of the empty promises made to the Cuban dissidents.

Thieves, how can you sleep?


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  2. I intended to publish in both places.
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