Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thanks Joe....

Our friend Joe has a good way to go about things.
Instead of addressing ugly rumors and giving gossip fodder to people, he just sent a quick message inviting me -for which I am humbled- to write a guest post in his blog. And of course, his concise message proves that he's doing well, as wished.

Most of you know a lot of the life of Joe.
Said like this, "the life of Joe" it sounds like the story of a man who does something extraordinary, without having ever wanted it. And it's exactly like that.

Joe, a man with ups and downs like all of us, takes turns, rides in sharp straight lines, climbs hills, speeds, tumbles, falls, and rises up back again.

For a man, to rise back up is much more important than to fall.
The fall is an easy fact, just leave gravity to take its course, and hell, you will fall. Now, to go against all odds and rise and shine, even when a tyranny tries to steal your loves ones from you, that's just a labor of courage.

I've been following Joe's adventures for a good three or four years, and I am just one more of the people who supported him on his quest for freedom. Joe -who is as American as apple pie, rock'n roll, and checkered cabs- made himself also Cuban by choice and adoption, as many of us became American.

And going back to the title of this guest post, thanks Joe, for fighting for the freedom of Cuba.

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  1. Thanks, CB. Thanks for keeping it real.


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