Friday, May 23, 2008

Kim West Radio Cycling Show - June 1

I will be appearing as a guest on the Kim West Radio Cycling Show (1460AM KXNO Des Moines' Sports Station, UH!) on Sunday, June 1 from 6-7pm (CST). The topic(s) for discussion will be related to - surprise - doping...

The interview concept, as sent over by Kim:

"here's the deal with my show: they pretty much let me do what i want, because they don't think cycling is that big a deal, so the guests and format is up to me.
when i began thinking about having a cycling show, one of the things i wanted to do, on an on-going basis, is have a conversation about doping in cycling. even as an amateur in the Midwest, I've dealt with guys who suddenly began riding phenomenally well, and then later got busted. with you, I'd like to get to that, but I'd like to start at the very beginning: what pressures did you encounter just as you were starting, what hopes, aspirations, goals and such did you have, and how did the situations change as you progressed through cycling..."

To listen live via streaming audio, go to

To listen to archived shows, click here.

Now, I fully expect some of the more jackass-like folks who've taken the time to express their displeasure with me during the past year to call in to the show and attempt to bust my balls *live*. While I'll be eagerly anticipating a call from Burt Hoovis, I won't be entertaining questions on Cuba, the naming of names, or anything else that my counsel (or any other rational individual) would find inappropriate or offensive. In fact, if you call in and act like an asshole (i.e. Mike Sayers) you'll just be generating dead air prior to being disconnected. So why bother?

I'm sure some of you will bother, however, in which case you'll probably achieve nothing more than embarrassing yourself and annoying anyone hoping to actually discuss the topics referenced by Kim above.

Talk to you on 1 June!

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  1. Yo MF'er, you stole my "9 most devaestating insults" post, but since you linked me I'll let it slide.

    I should get 2 or 3 hits from that, based on your numbers lately.



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