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The Collected Works of Mike Dropkin

Mike Dropkin is a guy who I don't know very well - personally or professionally. I met him in the early-1990's through my association with Rob Acciavatti of Morgantown, WV, and I once spent several weeks training with Rob in South Carolina while based out of Dropkin's house.

When I came home to the USA from Italy in 2006, Mike Dropkin - who I hadn't (and still haven't) seen in person for over a decade - offered via email to help me defend against the positive urinalysis I supposedly returned during a stage of the International 42nd Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey. Never having knowingly ingested any substance that would result in the appearance in my urine of the metabolites 6α-OH-androstenedione or 6β-OH-androsterone during said race, I accepted Mike's offer and appreciate the work he facilitated.

Nonetheless, USADA rejected the conclusions reached in a report prepared on my behalf by Mike's friend/colleague that we submitted prior to arbitration, and indicated their intent to pursue a sanction against me for returning a urine sample on May 7, 2006, at the International 42nd Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey that was reported by the World Anti-Doping Agency (“WADA”) accredited Turkish Doping Control Center in Ankara, Turkey as positive for metabolites of testosterone or its precursors (6α-OH-androstenedione 6β-OH-androsterone).

Ultimately, because a lack of financial resources impeded my ability to mount a comprehensive defense, I capitulated and accepted a sanction from USADA. As part of that capitulation, I also discussed publicly the extensive doping regime I undertook from 2001-2006. However, at no point did I ever admit to knowingly ingesting any substance that would have resulted in the appearance in my urine of the metabolites 6α-OH-androstenedione or 6β-OH-androsterone during the International 42nd Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey - because I didn't.

Mike Dropkin has not been able to get on with his own life, however, and he sends me emails monthly in which he rants and raves, wishes me death, spreads patently false accusations and insults my family. Though his emails are automatically filtered into my spam folder, some of what he writes is so "compelling" that I've archived it for publication here.

So, with no further ado, please enjoy The Collected Works of Mike Dropkin:


you let a suburban middle class house wife just bitch slap you all over the internet

I can't help you buddy. You're a waste of skin, and you and Joe Papp should room together at his mom's house, in dear old Bethel Park.

When Yuliet the Yuicer gets in, you can change the babies diaps. I mean, before Joe does the DNA test and all that."


"If the kid is yours, I'll send you a fucking C-note. We can start a lottery, all taking bets on the DNA. You'll be rich. That's what you want, after all.”


You're one of those people. It's fucking sad. Your whole ego is built on this concept that "being tough" by not making a deal out of anything that comes up. What the fuck? You think when you're on your death bed, you're going to pronounce that "not giving a shit" was the highest aspiration of your life? That anyone will look at you with any fucking meaning as to your existence?”


“you're not even remotely funny Adam

Dawn kicked your fucking ass.

Now you're in the Joe Papp bin of dysfunctional.”


“I wonder who is worse on the "Scale of Evaluation to Get into Heaven"

Lance Armstrong, or Joe Papp.

1) had teammates dope to ensure his team support
2) helped dump Floyd's extra blood packet down the drain
3) Took a heretofore unheralded amount of fucking drugs. EPO, HGH, testosterone, blood doping
4) Had Frankie fired, chased down Simoni and punished him for "spitting in the soup", screwed over a whole bunch of bike racers.
5) Employed Chris Carmichael, who injected fucking Juniors for fuck's sake.

Joe Papp
1) Big history of taking <> PEDs.
2) <>.
3) Always trying to scam his friends and associates
4) Strong advocate of <>. Vids, Pics, and so on.
5) Won't seek help for his clear narcissist personality disorder.

Hmmm .... which one is going to burn hotter in hell ... that's a tough one ...

Of course Fuentes is doping. If you can get his blood after a race, his heme will be way up, and you'll find other goodies in there. What you need in the states, is a Sporting Fraud law. If they cheat and win, you can sue them for their house, car, and all assets.”


“put time and energy and recruited professional friends to help him with his doping defense. Those people in turn made phone calls and contacts to other professionals.

Instead Joe Papp flipped to WADA and USADA and whatever, and never bothered to tell me or my friends working on his case, to cease, to apologize, to do anything.

I have friends who were not only personally embarrassed, but professionally embarrassed. That is a big, big, big fucking deal for these people, as it should be. They live by their professional reputations.

Joe Papp fucked me over, and fucked my friends over. Not by flipping, but by not even having the common courtesy to tell us what was going on at any point. He compromised my friends, in a deep and dangerous way.

Joe Papp is a scumbag. His lawyer is also a total fucking scumbag. Neither of these two fuckers have the slightest clue about professional responsibility or ethics.

Joe Papp is a evil, scheming, piece of shit. I hope to fuck he kills himself. I encourage him strongly to do so. Anybody who knows who his employers or friends are, let me know. So I can tell them about Joe's long history as <>, scam artist, and lying behavior.

Mike Dropkin
Salt Lake City, Utah”


“I am sure he had his hand in it.

It will be the perfect capping drama to his made for TV story of tragedy and redemption.

It's just surprising that all the people he has scammed, <>, that one of them haven't put a fucking cap in his head.

Hey, did you know that Joe graduated summa cum laude?”


“I am ambivalent about it.

Part of me hopes he is fucking dead.
Part of me thinks, oh, it's not good to think that.”


“little defensive aren't you Dawn?

everybody is plotting with, against, and for Joe all at the same time

He's the Ringmaster of this Circus.”


“That abstract says fucking nothing.

Produce some fucking reality or join Joe Papp and Dawn "Teabag" Richardson in the Lake of Fire.

Have you always been an officious, gray world, file clerk mentality sycophant? "Dr. Richardson", "risk adverse", "stringent".

Maybe Joe is joining you in pharma sales??? You've got the cock sucking fawning down !pat! mother fucker.”


“I'll tell you what.

You give Gunnar an intrusive Rectal Exam, with the Abner Louima probing device, at his next race, in front of all the spectators and participants, video it, and post it on youtube, and I will take back everything I ever said when you were blowing and tea bagging Joe Papp, and screaming "Joe, with your drug use, and my reporting, we will BOTH be famous!"

I promise Dawn. I really, really, really fucking promise.”


“you got any stats, or is that just your Joe Papp type expertise on that one? Maybe you're as good a doc as Joe Papp was a cyclist?

Hard to conceive that since some chemos so fuck up kidney function and EPO allows higher heme during the course that what you say can be true.”


“I can't wait till you put the little rubber ball with the strap in his mouth and shut the fucker up.”


Mike Dropkin...madman.

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  1. wow, I had done a good job of forgetting the collateral vitriol this guy has been spewing my way. I mean, I never met the guy, I never did anything to him, just trying to do the right thing here, even if it's a bit unpopular. The haters are the same kind of self-righteous people who like throwing rocks at adulterers in the Middle Ewast. It's just one rock, that doesn't kill anyone, right?


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