Sunday, May 18, 2008

Outside Fall-out

I still haven't read the article yet, but apparently others have, and I'd like to thank those kind souls who've actually sent me positive comments or words of encouragement since "Vanishing" appeared in Outside Magazine.

I read the article, and as suspected the it is a classic hatchet job, which included taking three words out of a two sentence quote and completely misrepresenting the context in which they were uttered. A strange combination of truth and manipulation in an attempt by the author to fit my interview into his pre-ordained story line.

Nonetheless, I don't get why people are focusing on my sanity or whether or not I rode the Tour de France. My roommate rode four Tours of Italy, another teammate won a stage in the's not like this shit isn't real, people.


  1. Final comment (from me) on Outside mag article:

    It's pretty "terrible" (first word that came to mind) in that it paints a very dark picture. Some of it is true, a lot of it is sensationalized, but at the end of the day it represents one person's perspective on what's been a pretty horrible period in my life. It's not the article I was led to believe it would be, and the freelancer who wrote it never once indicated he was aiming to write a piece that was so focused on the negative. I thought there would be a more redemptive quality to it, which is why I agreed to the interview in the first place.

  2. Mr. Mac (Cale McAninch) comment moved to the Madhouse:

  3. I don't claim to be your biggest fan but I'm always suspect of the motivations of writers from outside the normal cycling world. They don't want the truth. They want to make a name for themselves. They don't have to worry about screwing you over because chances are they'll never need you again.

    Did you read any of his previous work? I haven't but it may (or may not) have given you a clue what to expect.

  4. Not sure if you remember or me or not from the ancient Maestros'/South Park days. Maybe you do, maybe not. Anyway, So there I was sitting on me fat arse reading my issue of Outside and out pops your mug. You damned near ruined the whole hot chick on the cover thing they had going on. I had heard that you had found yourself in a pile of poop, but I didn't realize how big that pile was until then.

    I always thought I was able to see the good guy you are capable of being, and I hope everything works out for you. I especially hope all works out for your kid. (I have a few of my own now and they mean the world to me.)

    Could you do me 2 favors? First, if you still keep up with Tim O' tell him I said hello. Second, can you move me into that madhouse place? I don't actually want to say anything bad, it just seems like a cool place to be.
    Andrew "Andy" G.


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