Thursday, December 03, 2009

We Interrupt Posting Based on Fear and Loathing (and Dread) for a Laugh and an Ad Preview

Since Pappillon cashed-out of the CDO market just before the global financial collapse, we've been paying on the Ferrari by the ads this blog generates. While most are simple Google text ads, certain posts earn full-size, full-color advertisements from major brands. Though they haven't brought in enough revenue yet to add a Porsche to the fleet (and we hope you're clicking on those ads, people!), they're a source of pride (and occasional bemusement, like when the "Give a Goat" ad showed up last week) and are steadily filling-up what will one day be an art exhibition-like collection of screen caps.

I don't know when we'll open the exhibition, but when we do, it will feature classics like this "Lenovo Sells ThinkPads to People Interested in Reading About the Horror that Tim Montgomery's Life Has Become, Thanks, in part, to Doping":

Hmmm, that T400 looks nice, and it would be a great replacement for my nearly-drowned vintage 2004 T42p ThinkPad that I bought off Ebay for $200 last year...

Oh, and the goat? Check it out:

1 comment:

  1. Gooooooooooooat! hahahha That's some funny shit, Pappillon.


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