Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pro Wanker Interview

The title alone makes it an interesting read.

"In the mind of the public, doping is a dirty thing. We assign blame, claim righteous indignation and experience a visceral rejection to the cheating of our idols. So when our stars start to fall, we find pleasure in accelerating their descent.

Meanwhile, to the developing world―where conditions promote doping and ethical muddles―we show indifference. Viewing cycling, the sporting public sees doping as a test of morals rather than economic necessity.

And every year, another rider from a disadvantaged background emerges and shocks the world with his performance. For weeks, we are stunned by the talent. In the underdog, we have found a new idol..."

Click here for the complete, exclusive interview. 


  1. Joe. You love the attention. No one cares about reading your story over and over and over again. Good on you for turning all the cheaters in but no amount of "good" is going to redeem your attention seeking and attention needing personality.
    Get out of the sport and stay away.

  2. Anon, apparently you care enough to scope out this blog and comment, which is surprising since I would think that you'd just ignore it.

    Nevertheless, you miss the entire point which was to give an aspiring journalism student who is also a cyclist the opportunity to get some experience in his chosen field.

    This isn't VeloNews - it's my blog and if you don't want to read about the things I'm involved in, then I quite simply suggest that you stay home. I was happy to give Scott the interview he requested and I hope he develops the remaining material into a compelling part two.

  3. Just ignore the idiots. kudos for not turning down the kid's request for an interview even when you've told the story more than a few times, I would gues.

  4. Hey first Anon why don't you get the fuck off the Internet and stay off? The Internet doesn't need you.

    Sound stupid?

    Well, that's how you sound telling someone who's helping to combat the global doping issues that they should go away. Idiot.


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