Friday, October 08, 2010

Reactions to the Ever-Evolving Landis Time-line

A "Great Thinker" from the world outside of cycling contacted Pappillon with a counterpoint to the vitriol surrounding Floyd Landis, and we've chosen to publish it here. Not everyone, it would seem, chooses to see the man in an irrevocably-evil light.

"I don’t understand the ignorance or the vitriol surrounding Floyd. If you think he would care at all what some anonymous schmuck in Nevada City thinks of his public-facing time-line, here’s how my mind worked through it:

1) Interesting background. I love it when strange people from strange circumstances rise to the top.

2) Public tiffs with Lance at Postal. Nice.

3) 2006 Stage 17: One of the most heroic athletic feats of all time. I assume he’s juiced, but I assume everybody else is juiced, too.

4) Denies everything after getting popped. Bummer. My respect went down, but I also knew that was part of the game.

5) Promotes his defense fund and takes heaps of public contributions. I don’t give because I don’t think he’s innocent (not necessarily of the Stage 17 Testosterone, but just in general.) Actually, I don’t give anything to anybody or any organization. I give the government enough taxes as it is.

6) WSJ interview earlier this year and attendant proclamations of guilt: AWESOME. My respect goes back up.

7) Determination last week to reimburse all the poor fools who contributed to his fund. Floyd’s integrity is now completely restored in my book. I probably still won’t send him any money, but he can crash at my pad next time he races in Nevada City, if he wants to."

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