Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Armstrong's Blood Values Deemed Suspicious

Armstrong suspicious blood values

"One of Denmark's leading blood researchers believe that Lance Armstrong's blood values from the Tour de France looks suspicious and indicate blood doping..."

Read more of translated text here. Original article is here.

Updated5 (Sept. 8): Andy Shen gets Jaekob Moerkeberg, the original source quoted in the article, to go on record (in the absence of coverage by anyone else, including Cyclingnews.com, which has lost my respect completely).

Updated4 (Sept. 5): Rasmus Damsgaard, who attempted to defend Armstrong to VeloNews on behalf of the Astana team (who pay him to run the Astana internal anti-doping program), has already had HIS ethics and independence called into question once.

Updated3 (Sept. 4): Robust discussion of this continues here. Blasé response from Astana team and L.A.'s people finally appears here in VeloNews. NO Coverage yet in Cyclingnews.com.

Learn about trying to interpret the Bio Passport here.

Updated2 (Sept. 3): Is this going to be a total non-story in the MSM because of fears of being blackballed by LA, Inc. or otherwise put onto some media hit-list like in the days of Postal, when journo's deemed unsympathetic to the cause were denied access to the team following any less-than-worshipful coverage?

Updated1: I'll let Velocity Nation do the heavy lifting and contact the same ppl I would contact to get their extremely qualified opinions on this speculative matter...where's the VeloNews or CyclingNews posts on this, though?


  1. Doper, donkey, cheat, failure.

    Those are descriptions of you Mr. Papp.

  2. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Ok Mr. Armstrong. We're both cheats and dopers. You certainly failed to hide (even in plain sight) your doping this year, and you rode the Giro like a donkey. Idiot.

  3. Do you like boys?

  4. I'm not sure what that last comment refers to or to whom it's directed, but I think we can all agree that Lance Armstrong likes the idea of reinjecting - transfusing - his own red blood cells during the Tour de France to increase his circulatory system's oxygen carrying capacity. I'm just surprised that he would be brazen enough to release data that would seemingly confirm that he DID it.


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