Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cycling Heroes - Interviews

Stumbled upon this site yesterday - some of the interviews make for good reading.

Just a few of them:
  • Oscar Sevilla: "The Vuelta a Colombia was inspiring and a great morale booster for us."

  • Clément L'hotellerie: "Next season I want to go to a bigger team."

  • Robbie McEwen: "I like it when its a little more disorganised."

  • Jonny Clarke about ToC: "Of course the young riders jersey is in the back of my mind."

  • Rabobank's old school domestique Jan Boven with 'honorary job' in final year

  • Mitsubishi's Stefan van Dijk: "I race to win."

  • Ivan Dominguez: "I was so happy after I had won those races."

  • Arjen de Baat: "Sometimes I am a difficult guy."

  • Jan Ullrich: "I don't think justice has been done."

  • Frank Vandenbroucke: "I just want to be a rider again."
Speaking of Vandenbroucke, here is a great clip of him wreaking havoc (on the bike, not in the club) in the '99 Vuelta. For those who don't understand Spanish, the title is "The Carnage of Vandenbroucke in Navalmoral".

1 comment:

  1. Damn!

    The confidence, no at that level it is sheer arrogance, to sit on the front like that, with riders like Ullrich on your wheel and then literally ride them off, one by one...


    What a shame his career took the path that it did.


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