Friday, September 11, 2009

Borut Božič

Bravo Borut Božič! I intended to post this a few days ago after Božič's win in stage 6 of the Vuelta a España, but better late than never.

I sprinted against - and was repeatedly beaten by - the Slovenian in the '06 Vuelta a Cuba, which culminated with his snatching the final stage win out from under me when I stupidly pulled a "Zabel vs. Freire @ MSR" and prematurely ejac'ed a victory salute before I'd actually crossed the finish line...

I'll never forget how nice Božič was in taking the victory off my plate. We'd barely touched the line and he was saying, "You'll never do that again, will you?" - but in a friendly, if not entirely unsympathetic way. As I write this now, B2 is in the breakaway that is just hitting the final slopes of the last climb in today's Vuelta stage 12, in which I've enjoyed watching him race.

Ohhh shoot...bummer about Vino. I was hoping he'd finish the Vuelta...

One more look from a different angle:

$10.00 for the best caption for this photo. Send your entries to the usual address...
[Note: "JP is a douche" and all variations therein are already attributed to B. Hoovis.]

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