Wednesday, September 02, 2009

$18k and the Shark is Jumped on a Pinarello

OK, I'll admit that it could be kinda funny to read that I'm posting "blood values" - when that news is taken out of context, but what got my attention was mention of the $18k Pinarello Dogma. I just twatted/twitted/tweeted a demo request to Competitive Cyclist and hope that they'll send one my way. I'll do the best Marcel Wüst-like bike test ever, and the highest bidding PR placement firm can have it (the review, that is - I'm sure I'll have to send-back the bike). Though my preference would be to see it appear online somewhere.


  1. You have an awfully overinflated sense of self-importance Joe. True, that is usually what it takes to be a top tier cyclist. But now you must come back down to reality with the rest of us mortals and get over yourself. Sometimes tough love is the only love and all the sycophants slobbing your knob in your blog comments are not helping you out bro.

    You don't have to publish this comment BTW, just read it and let it sink in a bit. Life goes on dude. Get a job outside of cycling and relax a bit and enjoy life.

    Hopefully you'll find peace of mind.

    Later dude.

  2. Why would they give you a Pinarello? You're a washed up doper.
    Just sayin'.

  3. Haha, you miss the intended irony of the post entirely, and comment anonymously about something tangential in it. The point is that an $18k is so ridiculous that only God should be asked to test-ride and write-about one.

  4. Hey, if they'll write about him in their blog as a reformed doper needing a chance to comeback, maybe they'll let him test the bike. But even they (CC) probably won't be allocated any to sell, let alone demo!

  5. Joe will also be testing the not yet available mink lined winter wear along with the long awaited Rolex Daytona Heart Moniter.

    I would like you to note the sarcastic tone of this.

    Life does go on you seem to not want it to.

    Remember: " If I'm who you say I am , perhaps you are not who you think you are."

  6. Slobbing Your Knob04 September, 2009 15:34

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  7. Dude, don't post accusatory comments naming people as supposedly anonymous posters...bleh.


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