Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bike Weight Marketing BS

Just saw this polished-turd marketing-speak on the Giant Bicycles website. How difficult would it really have been to say, "This bike in size medium weighs 24.8lbs in factory-configuration"? Instead, we get this crap:

"How much does this bike weigh? It’s a common question, and rightly so. But the truth is, there are no industry standards for claiming bike weights—and this leads to a lot of misinformation. Variances exist based on size, frame material, finish and hardware. And as bikes get lighter, these differences become more critical. At Giant, we believe the only way to truly know the weight of any particular bike is to find out for yourself at your local retailer."

Please. Gag me with a raw fork.

At least the bike looks cool, though.


  1. Good point. How hard is it for them to weigh the bike as it comes from the factory. Yes, if I put a different saddle on it, some pedals, a seat bag with extra tube, leavers, CO2, and a chuck, then it will weigh more. I hate PR and the flacks that write the dreck.

  2. A common question - but clearly not one they're bored with yet!!

    How hard could it be? Just tell us the weight of a medium frame and we can, just about, figure it out for ourselves. Or, we could go to our 'local' retailer and find a 'qualified technician' who can just regurgitate the same gobshite from the Giant brochure, before (scientifically and with unerring accuracy) allow us to pick one up (regardless of size) and give it a bit of a shake....

    The Anthem is a great bike though, so don’t let Giant’s marketing people put you off too much! Mind you, have you read some of the other manufacturers stuff??? I think it’s all about lifestyle….

  3. What the f..k are "variances"?

  4. Specialized provides a similar response when asking about the weight of their bikes. Interestingly, the folks at Scott Bikes have no problem displaying the bike weights on their website...2010 Spark RC weighs in at a sick 21.59lbs!!

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  6. Or go to the UK Giant site where the weight weenie Brits demand and get the weight - 24.12 for an X1


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