Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RIP Kitty

Half a Day Left
By Sarah Michael

Just half a day left
For this rag-tag cat
Just half a day left
In a gutter at that

But God whispered softly
From one heart to another
Until removed from the gutter
By someone called Mother

She took me to her own loving home
Warm cloths to gently clean my face
Then a special warm bed to snuggle
Where I was tended with grace

Food and water was offered
Though too sick to take much
The best nourishment she gave
Were soft words comfort and touch

Just half a day left
For this lovely black cat
Who now is in Heaven
Content in God’s lap

"All this is possible" the cat told God
"For in that gutter my life was waning
Yet now in Heaven healthy and new
Because my Mother blessed me with naming"

"Which allowed me to stand before you and say,
A name is the pass to Heaven Dear Lord"
"Someone cared enough to love me, so
My name is [Kitty], please bless the woman below."