Thursday, April 22, 2010

Liège-Bastogne-Liège Odds

Courtesy of Sky(Bet), below please find the currents odds of a given rider's winning the Liège-Bastogne-Liège classic (also known as La Doyenne).

My picks? Easy: 1. Valverde, 2. Gilbert, 3. Evans. And yes, you're right - I'm not willing to take a chance on a long-shot. I bet on one earlier this week (figuratively, of course), and he didn't come through...(long-shot, you know who you are! come on redeem yourself and out with it!)

Gilbert, P 7/2Valverde, A 5/1
Evans, C 9/1Rodriguez, J 9/1
Schleck, A 10/1Contador, A 10/1
Cunego, D 12/1Schleck, F 16/1
Garzelli, S 18/1Vinokourov, A 20/1
Kolobnev, A 25/1Ivanov, S 25/1
Freire, O 28/1Kreuziger, R 28/1
Anton, I 33/1Horner, C 40/1
Hesjedal, R 40/1Sanchez, LL 40/1
Gesink, R 50/1Paolini, L 50/1
Chavanel, Syl 50/1Nibali, V 50/1
Van Den Broeck, J 66/1Taaramae, R 66/1
Pellizotti, F 66/1Kloden, A 66/1
Albasini, M 100/1Voeckler, T 100/1
Gerdemann, L 100/1Vorganov, E 100/1
Gerrans, S 100/1Le Mevel, C 100/1
Menchov, D 100/1Lovkvist, T 100/1
Wegmann, F 125/1Barredo, C 125/1
Roche, N 125/1De Waele, B 125/1
Vaugrenard, B 125/1Martens, P 150/1
Iglinskiy, M 150/1Velits, P 150/1
Voigt, J 150/1Wiggins, B 150/1
Martin, T 150/1Florencio, X 150/1
Moncoutie, D 200/1Peraud, JC 200/1
Martin, D 200/1Fuglsang, J 200/1
Sastre, C 200/1Grivko, A 200/1
Pineau, J 200/1Devolder, S 250/1

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