Thursday, January 07, 2010

Flemish for Poser

We're all chuffed over here at Pappillon for the resurgent media interest, and the attention of our fellow bloggers - especially when it takes the form seen below, in a screen shot from "Flemish for Poser", the Blog-Formerly-Known-As Doucheblog Cycling.

Burt writes: "As much as I hate to admit it, NY Velocity and DrunkCyclist are the cycling related websites I check out most frequently. Also, you can say what you want about [Joe] Papp, but his blog has become one of the more decent spots for thoughtful cycling related commentary on the old intranets these days. Of course, there are always comments like "Joe, you're such a dickface...bla bla bla." Haters never end, I guess. Just to be fair, I let him scoop me on the header."

Thanks, Burt! Or should we say "Jesus Cristo"? Either way, "Flemish for Poser" was cool enough to let us scoop the headline banner before it went live, which we did in a post here.

1 comment:

  1. NY Velocity's "Toto" has been a favorite of ours since its inception. Drunk Cyclist was known by name but never read - will give it a shot now.


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