Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Great, but Tragic, Quote: Sinkewitz

Excerpt from a Der Spiegel interview with Patrik Sinkewitz discussing the fall-out from his positive control and the hypocrisy of the sport:

Der Spiegel: Are you still in touch with some of your old fellow riders?

Sinkewitz: Almost all contacts ended from one day to the next. Some of the people I used to see almost every day contacted me once to see how I was doing. It was if I didn't even exist anymore. Before I tested positive, I had a three-year contract, a private sponsor and a house. And there were constantly people who were supporting me. Now I've lost my profession and I have nothing left but my house. I could use help now, but there's nobody left. Everyone knows that people pat you on the back when you're successful, but it comes as a shock to realize what it's like when the success is gone. It yanks the ground out from under your feet.

Der Spiegel: Are you ruined?

Sinkewitz: I don't make any money anymore, and I have to pay fines and lawyers. Besides, I didn't exactly make a fortune during my first few years as a professional. At least the house is paid off.

Der Spiegel: Under the terms of your contract with Team T-Mobile, you might have to pay back part of your salary.

Sinkewitz: I try not to think about that. It's something my attorney will deal with. I don't want to talk about it. Besides, what do they want from me? Haven't I been punished enough?

Der Spiegel: Mr. Sinkewitz, thank you for this interview.

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