Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Andre Agassi is a Lying Drugs Cheat - but Just Tell Us - Is THIS Why He Lost his Hair?

In an article by Times Online Tennis Correspondent, Neil Harman, he reports that:

"Andre Agassi makes the sensational confession today that he lied to the tennis authorities to escape a ban for taking hard drugs.

The American, one of the finest players to grace the game, tested positive for the highly addictive drug, crystal methamphetamine, and then duped [Editor's Note: "Duped" = "Lied to"] the Association of Tennis Professionals into believing he had taken it by accident [Editor's Note: Sure, right].

The admissions come in a soul-searching autobiography that is being serialised exclusively today and tomorrow in The Times..." Continued.... [Meaning continue reading this shit if you're a cycling fan who is SICK of seeing first the careers of top cyclists ruined, then THEIR LIVES extinguished by drugs - but you somehow believe that you can stomach Agassi's getting-off SCOTT-FREE!].

FUCK ME! If Agassi was a pro cyclist trying to EKE OUT A LIVING making 30-50k euros a year and racing 80-100 days per season, Pat McQuaid and co. would subject the poor bastard to that especially gruesome form of Royal Navy torture, Tying Neck and Heels, whereby the victim, sitting on deck, has one musket placed between their knees and another behind their neck. The firearms would be so tightly strung together, exerting such pressure on the body that blood woudl flow from the nose and ears.

They would also serve he with a two-year ban (which will probably be extended to four in a few months, attempt to force him to repay a year's wages, threaten any team that even hinted at wanting to hire him after his ban expired and basically would do everything in their power to prevent him from every supporting himself and his family through his sport.

Agassi probably benefits from some statute of limitations that will prevent his prosecution, but if he didn't, I guarantee you I would bully my way onto the talk show circuit and denounce that lying, scumbag, piece-of-shit to one an all. Oh, and I'm SURE that he had only ONE SNORT of crystal meth and that was it - never again. Well, maybe he never abused that drug, but that one line proved he had the capability to break the rules of law and men, and quite possibly abuse performance enhancing drugs that benefit tennis players such as steroids, HGH, IGF-1, EPO, Corticosteroids, etc.

I hope he did break some law and if forced to lose all of his titles back to the date he admits his first injection/snort of meth and is crucified - just like we've all been.

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