Tuesday, June 16, 2009

General Notice to Anyone Who Runs into Me on a Road Ride

You do not have to ride uncomfortably fast because you think I want to ride faster than you. I am an EX-racer, not current racer. I am old and slow. I don't like climbing above my AT. Really, we can just cruise. If you WANT to hammer me though, b/c you have a grudge, just let me know ... I'll try to stay with you until I crack, and then you can claim moral victory.
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  1. I'll take a shot! But will wait after I get tired though, I don't want to ride alone and I need to ask you some stuff. Not that the attack will last long just that I always give it a shot, hey if I'm out there might as well do something, I say. Then again I attack everyone just for fun.

  2. It's cool. I'm down with being attacked. Just let me know in advance so I can prepare myself for the coming pain.

    I do much prefer a conversational pace, though, and will talk about almost any subject, save for Cuba and questions on how to dope (which a new friend naively asked me recently...needless to say, I advised her that it would be unethical to do what she was considering, and immoral of me to advise her on it.)

    Note: the roads I ride on have many stoplights and intersections, so I counsel you to time your attack well, but do not lose situational awareness, lest a PAT bus run you down...


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