Friday, April 17, 2009

Tyler Hamilton, Give me a Call

Firstly, to all the haters - send your comments to the usual address.

Tyler: give me a ring or send me an email. We need to catch up...

I'm glad Tyler has retired (I think he self-sabotaged himself and wanted to get caught) and hope that he can rebuild his life and redefine himself as a person. Remember, he has no job, no salary, no wife, no dog, and a mother dying of breast cancer.

Anyone who attacks him now as a drug cheat and publicly posts raving, vitriolic messages against him is an ass. If you define doping as cheating and equate it to lying, then any m!th#rf#^k*r who has ever lied about anything, driven above the speed limit, gotten too much change back from a retail purchase and not returned it or earned even a few hundred dollars on the side that wasn't reported to the IRS is by definition just as guilty as Hamilton and should be subjected to the same harsh treatment in the public realm.

My point being that I doubt that the people who are most violent and cruel in their public rants against Tyler are saints in all aspects of their lives, and they might consider re-evaluating their own behaviors before attacking Hamilton in what probably is a response to noticing in him the same negative traits and character flaws that they see, and fear, in themselves...
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