Monday, April 27, 2009

Chad Gerlach - UPDATED

[UPDATED with a new photo from the archives, of Chad and Marty Jemison in 1995. Scroll down to the bottom of the post.]

Congrats to Chad Gerlach on his comeback, and recent result at the Dana Point Criterium. While not the Tour de France, DP was a pro race nonetheless, and its field included at least one disgraced ex-Tour de France "winner," amongst others. I'm sure that Mike Sayers is disappointed to see Gerlach still racing at the Pro/elite level (see Sayers' comments in VeloNews' coverage of Gerlach's comeback, reproduced in the next post), but I for one am happy that he continues on the bike.

Dana Point Criterium

1. Rahsaan Bahati Rock Racing in 1:27:50
2. Jeremiah Wiscovitch Southern California Velo at smetime
3. Lucas Sebastian Haedo Uci Ct: Colavita Olive Oil/sut in 1:27
:51 at smetime
4. Alexander Candelario Uci Ct: Kelly Benefit Strategi in 1:27:51 at smetime
5. Cody O'reilly Uci Ct: Bissell Pro Cycling T i
n 1:27:51 at smetime
6. Eric Barlevav Uci Ct: Team Mountain Khakis in 1:27:51 at smetime
7. Daniel Holloway Garmin- Holowesko Partners-Fel in 1:27:51 at smetime
8. Paul Che Pista Palace in 1:27:52 at smetime
9. Uriel Rayo in 1:27:52 at smetime
10. Victor Ayala Kahala Lagrange in 1:27:52 at smetime
11. Alexi Martinez Kahala Lagrange in 1:27:52 at sm
12. Christopher Hipp Labor Power in 1:27:52 at smetime
13. Chris Demarchi Amgen/giant Masters in 1:27:52 at smetime
14. Tony Cruz in 1:27:52 at smetime
15. Kyle Gritters Southern California Velo in 1:27:
52 at smetime
16. James Esser Southern California Velo in 1:27:53 at smetime
17. Aram Dellalian Paa/sixtume
d in 1:27:53 at smetime
18. Nicholas Brandt-Sorenson Unattached in 1:27:53 at smetime
19. Nicholas Onate Acqua Al 2/san Diego Bicycle C in 1:27:53 at sm
20. Steve Reaney California Giant Berry Farms/s in 1:27:53 at smetime
21. Andy Jacques-Maynes Uci Ct: Bissell Pro Cycling T in 1:27:53 at smetime
22. Chad Gerlach Uci Ct: Amore E Vita-Mcdonald in 1:27:53 at smetime

23. Jorge Alvarado Kahala Lagrange in 1:27:54 at smetime
24. Diego Yepez Cimarrones Cycling in 1:27:54 at smetime
25. Karl Bordine Mark Reynolds Memorial Bike Fu in 1:27:54 at smetime
26. Jason Lowetz Team Bearclaw in 1:27:54 at smetime
27. Nic Sanderson in 1:27:55 at smetime
28. Justin Kerr Liquid Fitness in 1:27:55 at smetime
29. Floyd Landis Uci Ct: Ouch Presented By Max in 1:27:55 at smetime
30. Anibal Borrajo Uci Ct: Colavita Olive Oil/sut in 1:27:55 at smetime
31. Eric Marcotte Bicycle Haus in 1:27:55 at smetime

32. Davide Frattini Uci Ct: Colavita Olive Oil/sut in 1:27:55 at smetime
33. Alex Howes Clif Bar Development Cross Tea in 1:27:56 at smetime
34. Roman Kilun Ouch in 1:27:56 at smetime
35. Aron Gadhia Velo Club in 1:27:56 at smetime
36. Aaron Quesnell Acqua Al 2/san Diego Bicycle C in 1:27:56 at smetime
37. Hayden Brooks in 1:27:56 at smetime
38. Travis Wilkerson Liquid Cycling Club in 1:27:57 at smetime
39. Dirk Copeland California Giant Berry Farms/s in 1:27:57 at smeti
40. James Gunn-Wilkinson Nytro Racing in 1:27:57 at smetime
41. Danny Finneran Rock Racing in 1:27:57 at smetime
42. Rory Sutherland Uci Ct: Team Ouch Presented By in 1:27:57 at smetime
43. Neil Shirley Uci Ct: Kelly Benefit Strategi in 1:27:58 at smetime
44. John Tzinberg Bike Religion in 1:27:58 at smetime
45. Andrew Salcedo Acqua Al 2/san Diego Bicycle C in 1:27:58 at smetime
46. Waylon Smith British Cycling in 1:27:58 at smetime
47. Robert Kamppila Ca Pools Racing in 1:27:58 at smetime
48. Michael Telega California Giant Berry Farms/s in 1:27:58 at smeti
49. Gustavo-Adolfo Mendez Kahala Lagrange in 1:27:59 at smetime
50. Anthony Morrow Ca Pools Racing in 1:27:59 at smetime
51. Robert Macneill Webcor/alto Velo in 1:27:59 at smetime
52. Reid Mumford in 1:28:00 at smetime
53. Rand Miller Webcor/alto Velo in 1:28:00 at smetime
54. Walker Savidge Felt/holowesko Partners/garmin in 1:28:00 at smetime
55. Scott Zwizanski Uci Ct: Kelly Benefit Strategi in 1:28:01 at smetime
56. Antony Galvan Amgen Giant in 1:28:03 at smetime
57. Chepe Garcia in 1:28:03 at smetime
58. Rafael Valenzuela in 1:28:04 at smetime
59. Sean Nealy Simply Fit/action Sports in 1:28:04 at smetime
60. Caleb Fairly Vmg/felt in 1:28:05 at smetime
61. Osvaldo Olmos Cal Giant Berry in 1:28:05 at smetime

62. Luis Amaran in 1:28:05 at smetime
63. Haldane Morris in 1:28:05 at smetime
64. Matt Landen Liquid Fitness/adageo Energy in 1:28:05 at smetime
65. Thomas Nelson Liquid Fitness/adageo Energy in 1:28:06 at smetime
66. Chris Spence in 1:28:06 at smetime
67. Jeff Prinz in 1:28:07 at smetime

68. Danny Kam Team Bearclaw in 1:28:08 at smetime
69. Frederick Stamm Metromint Cycling On Marin Bik in 1:28:08 at smetime
70. Miguel Meza Coates /on Deck Foundation in 1:28:08 at smetime
71. Jose Quintero Swami's Cycling Club in 1:28:08 at smetime
72. Caleb Manion in 1:28:08 at smetime
73. Chris Daggs Swami's Cycling Club in 1:28:09 at smetime
74. Eric Losak Now-Ms Society in 1:28:10 at smetime
75. Justin Fraga Webcor/alto Velo in 1:28:11 at smetime
76. Christopher Mcdonald Acqua Al 2/san Diego Bicycle C in 1:28:13 at smetime
77. Raul Frias Kahala Lagrange in 1:28:14 at smetime
78. Tomo Hamasaki Acqua Al 2/san Diego Bicycle C in 1:28:15 at sm
79. Patrick Briggs California Giant Cycling in 1:28:17 at smetime
80. Randall Coxworth Acqua Al 2/san Diego Bicycle C in 1:28:24 at 34
81. Bill Short Vision Screen Printing in 1:28:37 at 47
82. Ruben Meza in 1:28:42 at 52
83. K Frank Pipp Uci Ct: Bissell Pro Cycling T in 1:28:43 at smetime
84. Patrick Caro Bike Religion in 1:28:49 at 59
85. Skyler Bishop Swami's Cycling Club in 1:29:09 at 1:19

Marty Jemison and Chad Gerlach at Mike Fraysse's Sports Resort, 1995 (c) me


  1. Do you have a link to Sayers comments that you mention? I googled but am not finding anything.

  2. I'll scan the VeloNews article and post it.

  3. I knew Chad from Sacramento. Even at his lowest point, he was still a lot friendlier and down to earth than most of the A-Hole pro's who race out of Nor Cal.

    As for Sayers, there were days when he practically begged to get his butt kicked, but no one took him seriously enough as a cyclist to waste the time doing it. He's a punk and always will be.

  4. I first met Chad back in 1995 when he and some other Montgomery-Bell riders (like Marty Jemison, who was then not into punching his ex-team doctors in the face) were staying with me at Mike Fraysse's place in NY (that's when the photo of Chad with the coffee cup is from). Chad was funny, goofy, down-to-earth and a nice guy. He still is a nice guy, and he's certainly more courageous than someone like Sayers, for having publicly battled his addiction.


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