Sunday, November 25, 2007

Glass, Biking, Cuba

Went to Chihuly Nights at Phipps yesterday with Pete and Kirsten. Verrrrry cool. I saw the installation during the day this summer with another friend, and while nice then, it was spectacular last night. Highly recommended.

Anyway, I'm bored with not exercising and feeling like I'm getting fat in addition to not having a definite life purpose. Apparently knocking myself out has knocked some sense into me, as I've had a kick-ass Thanksgiving break getting caught up on all kinds of life-enhancing endeavours, including trying to rehabilitate myself in the eyes of the nonprofit community in Pittsburgh. For those of you who know what I did in 2001 in order to get to Cuba, you know what I mean.

My sporting sanction is up at the end of July next year, and I need something in my life other than just selling software and web development services, and fighting a rear-guard action against the communist regime in Cuba. I miss the daily rhythm of training, and while I will never race full-time again, I do plan to race at least locally. Maybe. So I rode yesterday for the first time in about a month, and took the picture below, which I sent to douchebag brian trdina, errr, I mean, DoucheBlog, along with a note saying I plan to win at least one ACA Criterium in 2008. I didn't mention that I will also ride the Dirty Dozen in 2008 if I'm still in Pittsburgh.

I had a very loud Dan Chew on the phone last night, and so I don't have to repeat myself, I didn't start doping until late-2001, and all of my results up until then were achieved cleanly. So no need to strip me of my second-place in the Dirty Dozen, my whopping four ACA Club Championships, or my brilliant and inspired Pseudodrome records. I mean, c'mon, I've already been stripped of allllll of my results since July 1, 2001. A man needs something to keep him warm on these cold Western Pennsylvania evenings, and dreams of Cuba, Uruguayan putas and focaccia just don't do it.

Mike Dropkin, who engaged in a spirited bit of email trolling last week, wants to know about the shooting gallery videos. Patience is a virtue, my friend. Updates on Cuba? Not really. Work is top of mind right now, because without a developing career and regular source of income, what's the point? I've hardly given up the fight, however. I'm even thinking about what's next on the education front, and - if I can arrange it - will complete a mini-MBA program at Katz this winter. Keep your fingers crossed, and watch out Robert Morgenthau!

Before, I go, for my friends in the Cuban government who are reading this, I want to leave you with:

1. Abajo Fidel!
2. Viva Cuba Libre!
3. Chavez is as bad for Venezuela and the Hemisphere as Castro.

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  1. Where should I send an invoice to reclaim my winnings that i was cheated out of at the ACA oval?


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