Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Cuban Regime = Haters

What More Evidence do You Need? Details via KillCastro.

I haven't had much time or desire for blogging, least of all about Cuba. Nonetheless, this is too shocking not to at least redistribute. Let me quote KC:

"Sadly...people do not seem to understand the importance of what is been shown in this photograph, we are missing a great opportunity by not divulging this photo as much as we could, making it fly around the world.

Many of us just shrug shoulders and make a "comic" comment about it, and that's it. Others simply look the other side, and do nothing about it. The ones who feel indignation, and whose blood boil for these injustices are just very few.

That's why we've been 48 years under Castro and his system from hell. And if we don't get the message out for the world to see, if we just ignore that this is about marketing our cause through images like this for the world to understand the pains of the Cuban people, well, some more years of tyranny -who know how many- will keep on piling up over the Cuban people. Thanks to all who understand this and publicized this brutal image."

Viva Cuba Libre!

Abajo Fidel!

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