Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jesus Manzano: "Then one day all of the sudden it stops and you become dramatically depressed."

Excerpt from l'Equipe interview with Jesus Manzano, June 5th, 2007:

"You mentioned Jose Maria Jiminez, el Chava, who died in 2003 from a heartattack. Was it the drugs that killed him?"
-Of course, like it killed Pantani. The drugs lead you to other addictions. The anti-depressants almost automatically accompany other doping treatments. I took up to 8 pills of prozac a day when I was racing.

-Prozac cuts the appetite, keeps you in another world, a world where you're not afraid of what you're doing. You're no longer afraid to inject yourself with all the crap. It takes you to a world where you don't ask any more questions especially you don't ask your doctor questions either or your sporting director. Then there are periods where you must stop doping you feel like superman. Then one day all of the sudden it stops and you become dramatically depressed. Look at Pantani, Vandenbroucke and all the others we don't even talk about. They are numerous other cyclists and former cyclists that are addicted to cocaine, heroin and other medications. It's not just in the world of cycling..."

Full translated article at NY Velocity

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  1. Not surprising that after abusing all of those drugs the rider would finish depressed and in need of Prozac. Still a shame, though, that the sport is so damaged.


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