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From the Archives (of another site): thoughts on public celebrations of Castro's death

Monday, January 29, 2007
I don't want the government's money

This post was authored by a friend and published in a very different location. It should be re-read, however, by those rabid anti-Castroite's fantasizing about a Castro Death Party....

Early this morning, Fox News had something strange in its ticker about the City of Miami selecting the Orange Bowl for the "official celebrations" for fidel castro's death. I was actually in the middle of my workout, so I thought that maybe castro had decided to die and make my day. No. I got to the office, and I had a gazillion e-mails from friends, family, readers, acquaintances and unknowns sending me links to blogs, newspapers, and whatnot about an official celebration for the death of castro, whenever it happens, in which the official organizers expect to line up entertainers who donate their time, and a long description of the logistics.

Well, whatever, I thought. I don't want the government's money. I don't believe that the government has to finance anybody's celebration, for whatever motives.
You celebrate the 4th of July on your own nickel and dime.

You celebrate Christmas and Hannukah and the New Year on your own penny, no?
And you celebrate your birthday. And whatever else you want. On your own dollar.
Yes, castro is a reknown international terrorist and a criminal bastard.

But I think the celebration has to be done by everyone who wants it, and that the government has no place in it. Why?

First of all, I don't want any money from the government when the government allows 34 States to deal with castro and at the same time keeps the dry foot wet foot in place. I don't want a government financed party when the government has decided who are my family members, who are not, how much money I can give them and when, and when I can go and visit them when they are not free to come visit me. I just don't want the government throwing a party because I am gonna be glad when that bastard kicks the bucket.
I think that everybody who wants to celebrate should do it, as long as they do it on their own penny. Government sponsored parties sounds very familiar to me, the tyranny of castro throw them all the time.

I think that if you want to celebrate, you should. Be my guest, celebrate whatever you want as much as you want. Pay for it, when you are at it, as it is your own celebration and your own responsibility.

I actually won't be celebrating anything. I have nothing to celebrate if the freedom of Cuba is not achieved, and the death of castro doesn't automatically bring any freedom to Cuba. It actually brings the continuation of the tyranny in the bloody hands of raul castro, and he has manifested his desire of having his favorite nephew fidelito castro to get his hands on the wheel when he "retires". If you haven't noticed, fidelito has let his beard grown, to remind us of his "charismatic" father during his younger days, and he already put back his old family name to use: Diaz Balart.

As far as we are concerned, kasstro is already dead, politically speaking, he is as good as dead.
There are Cubans dying in the sea, there are Cubans being repressed and killed and hunted down like wild animals. The bi-coastal guard is still busy sending rafters back, so I have nothing to celebrate. I am not celebrating the death that will give raul kasstro full access to the throne of Cuba. I am not celebrating that the tyranny is being continued by other means, if you know what I mean. As long as the tyranny is in place in Cuba I am not celebrating anything. It would be a slap to the face of the opressed Cubans, since fidel castro is not the problem in itself. He is just the symbol, the face of the problem, the real problem is the system he created and that is being sustained and legitimized by his brother successor.

Actually, such a big bang government sponsored party will kill anychance of having a free Cuba in the future. Hip swiveling will kill any chance of having any hard action taken against the tyranny, since the U.S. Government will say: "oh, no, you already celebrated, there's no more fidel castro, there's no more tyranny, and we are ready to deal with raul.... if raul was that much of a son of bitch, why on Earth did you celebrate that his brother was dead when you knew that he was ascending to the throne?"

That castro is alive or dead is irrelevant at this moment. The main core of the problem here is that 12 million Cubans are still opressed and under a tyranny, face it, the biological death of castro is not going to change a thing, for much that people celebrate.

I am one who doesn't believe in big government or in getting any government handouts, or who wants any part of my life regulated or dictated by the government. So I don't want the government giving me a place, occasion, timing, and entertainment to celebrate anything, and much less getting much needed tax dollars to celebrate anything.

Anything you get free from the government you pay for whenever you least expect it.
As I am telling you, if the government sponsored party is fine and dandy with you, you will have to be ready to accept that the government deals with the tyranny release 2.0 and release 3.0 on their own terms without your participation. They already paid for your party, and your acceptance of the party will mean the end of the tyranny for them. So they will be free to support whatever system is installed in Cuba after the clinical death of kasstro.

Amazingly, in an article that appeared in the Miami Herald the local politico, City Commisioner Tomas Regalado said. "There is something to celebrate, regardless of what happens next. ... We get rid of the guy." No, you didn't do anything to get rid of the guy, Mr. Regalado, time got him, illness got him, not your "actions". As we have predicted in this blog, many politicos are ready to take credit for the death of kasstro. Which is absurd and ridiculous. Such a celebration will also put Cubans in the worst possible light, as if we were a bunch of barbarians, and there will be a bunch of assholes who will point out that Iraqi Americans didn't celebrate the death of Saddam.... who by the way, was brought to justice for his unspeakable crimes.
Celebrate privately, if you must.

We will be mourning the hundreds of thousands of Cubans who died under the tyranny, the ones who were taken to the shooting squad, the ones who drowned in the Straits, the ones who died serving in the military in the African wars of the Napoleon of the Caribbean, the ones who died of sadness in Cuba, and the ones who couldn't return to a free Cuba. We will be sad because time and old age snatched fidel castro, and because justice could not be served. We will be sad, because the tyranny is still in place, and we will be sad because people fail to see it.

We will only celebrate when we have a free Cuba. Not a minute before.

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