Monday, October 15, 2007

Mark DeSantis for Mayor of Pittsburgh

Mark DeSantis is a native of Pittsburgh and grew up in the Shenango Valley. His extensive experience in the private sector, in government and in academia make Mark uniquely qualified to be Mayor of Pittsburgh.

I'm supporting Mark in his election campaign and spent yesterday on the proverbial campaign trail. Along with a colleague, we went door-to-door in the Point Breeze section of Pittsburgh, calling on registered voters who'd participated in recent elections and encouraging them to support Mark in this most-important of mayoral contests. I'm moving into the City of Pittsburgh this week, and while I won't be able to cast a ballot in the November 6 election, I understand the importance of actually electing a mayor who is competent to lead and smart enough to do so effectively.

I attended one of the two mayoral debates last week, and can tell you that after now having seen the incumbent and DeSantis side-by-side, there is no question of my not supporting Mark 100%. The difference between these two men is shocking.

Every politician should have policy advisers and experts on his staff. However, he must also be capable of understanding the issues and their resolutive options and eventually making an informed decision that serves the interests of the broadest segment of his constituency.

The incumbent does not yet have that capacity, or that level of experience. Maybe someday, but not now. And like Mark says, we need change *now*. I think the incumbent's advisers are focused on maintaining the status quo, whereas Mark is setting bold but achievable objectives for renewing Pittsburgh.

DeSantis could be the harbinger of a Caliguri-like renaissance in Pittsburgh.

Check him out online:

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