Monday, July 09, 2012

"Runners" and Dangerous Spectators during the Tour de France

I'm still rabidly anti-runner, especially when they're running alongside the riders on climbs that have crowd barriers on at least one of the two sides, and the majority of the fans remain respectfully and demurely behind the barrier(s), save for the moronical runner(s) who decide that the mountains of the Tour are really their stage - and not the riders' - for them to display their impressive skillz. Good though to see some riders fighting back at least, whacking the fools or (I imagine) in the case of the Italians at least, shouting "Vaffanculo!" And respect to Bauke Mollema, whose suave yet declarative response to a non-boorish female runner on stage 7 was ideal for the situation. While she definitely targeted the Rabobank rider, I'd classify her as a non-boor runner, as she was enthusiastic and seemingly positive, But, rider's rules, and as soon as she began to trot alongside #153, he gave her "The Hand" and she stopped dead in her tracks. Should be the model for future rider-runner interactions that don't require the closed-fist. Diagram below.

(original image here:

The scenario begins evolving around 9:50, here:

I hold to my original contention, that it's better to drive motorcycles into/over all the obnoxious runners rather than permit these few (possibly) drunk, boorish fans to ruin the reputation of those who would run elegantly and respectfully alongside their heroes (or villains), w/o invading their personal space or screaming unintelligibly into the riders' ears.

(original image here:

Here's an example of how to properly spectate in the mountains:

(No comment on the stationary (??) and senile old man on the left side of the road today who allegedly had a hand - or foot - in bringing down Sammy Sanchez and ruining his Tour and his Olympic title defense...)

See old guy in chair w/ a Basque upon him:

Quoting Cyclingnews: "The crash took place in the 60th kilometre of racing on stage eight on a short uphill section, and initial reports say it was apparently caused by a elderly male spectator sitting at a table too far out in the road. Team-mate Jorge Azanza - who was mainly responsible for protecting Sánchez in the pack - tried to avoid the spectator, who was moving out of the way at speed, but instead ended up colliding with him, with Valverde slamming into Azanza and Sánchez crashing into the two Spaniards, and somersaulting into the tarmac. Valverde was able to continue, but Sánchez injuries were too serious for the 34-year-old to follow suit, and he abandoned in tears."

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