Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hate Mail

I had the pleasure of receiving this comment through from good ol' Cale McAninch:

"Name: Cale McAninch
Phone: 417-860-8785

Message body: Dope kills sport! Once a doper always a doper...

Cale McAninch
Springfield, MO"

I responded to Cale, and he sent me a few more gems, including:

"Mental note...never use Blue Archer or any of their associates if you are the kind of individual they would employ...a liar and a cheat..."


"Tell that to the poor clean (as in not a doper) son of a bitch that needed one good result to get a ride for the next season but was upstaged by a doper like YOU and now is out of a job. Some decisions you have to live with the rest of your life..."

Hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I realize that there are countless and innumerable haters out there (including quite a few here in Pittsburgh in my old club, the Allegheny Cycling Association), but at the end of the day what is the value in sending me hate mail or talking shit on me to my friends?

It doesn't register on my radar save as a curiosity, and most of the commentators are anonymous or people I haven't seen in five years or more. I'm flattered that I so impacted some people's lives that they feel compelled to remind me of my sins 19 months after the fact, but...keep it in perspective for your own sanity.


  1. Apparently the words of Cale McAninch have caused a little havoc elsewhere. See Patrick O'Grady's comments in Velonews.

  2. Amazing, right? I actually commiserated with Richard Sachs over the damage to his bikes caused by McAninch's boorishness. I was shocked to see that Cale is making it a habit to harass other athletes.

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